box 'Wasp' description and characteristics

custom SOT-A-SET system

'Wasp' display box - for small stuff with a height of no more than 3.5 cm Differences from the 'BEE' box : an additional shelf that divides the box into two parts, the front panel is fixed with locks at an angle. The box is self-assembled without glue and completely covers the collectible from dust and ultraviolet light. The details of the box are made of transparent 3 mm acrylic (plexiglass) by laser cutting.

Instructions for assembling SOT-A-SET display case

Package contents:

✓ WALL - 6 pcs.

✓ CONNECTOR - 12 pcs.

✓ SHELF - 1 pc.

✓ BACK PANEL - 1 pc.

✓ CLAMP - 3 pcs.

✓ LOCK - 2 pcs.

✓ FRONT PANEL - 1 pc.

It is delivered disassembled, all parts are covered with a factory protective film against chips and scratches, which must be removed before assembly. If desired, you can order the back panel with a printed pattern (UV printing).
To do this, in the comments to the order, DO NOT FORGET to specify the number of the desired image
- select the background from the catalog.

My own custom background

How to make your own background on display case

Installation with Lego minifigures

An example of the use of SOT-A-SET boxes

Where can I buy it?

This is a prototype of a modular showcase for minifigures made of acrylic and it is not for sale yet.

Technical capabilities do not allow me to implement the idea perfectly.

Ideally, the walls should have built-in pins and many other interesting things, such as lighting.
I will try to suggest this idea to LEGO groups, maybe they will be interested in it.

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